Whether you require maintenance and servicing for your home, workplace, factory or farm, Laser Electrical Toowoomba will be there when you need us.  We are your ‘Totally Dependable’ maintenance specialists, servicing the Darling Downs region including Toowoomba, Dalby, Crows Nest, Gatton and Warwick. 

We provide a wide range of maintenance services including:

Every job is important to us and we will respond promptly to any callout, big or small. Whether your switchboard has "blown up" or you just need a light fitting changed, you can rely on Laser Electrical Toowoomba to provide a 'Totally Dependable' service.

We can take care of all your electrical maintenance needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Scheduled Maintenance

Laser Electrical Toowoomba provides scheduled maintenance that can help ensure that electrical systems are safe and operating efficiently. A scheduled maintenance can also help prevent breakdowns and reduce the expensive costs of repairs or replacements in the future.

Our scheduled maintenance services include:

  • Appliance Testing and Tagging
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Regularly Changing of Light Lamps
  • Exit and Emergency Light Testing
  • Energy Audits to Save Money
  • Safety Switch (RCD) Testing
  • Switchboard Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Service

Testing & Tagging

All portable electrical equipment used in a workplace must be regularly inspected and tested in accordance with the OSH regulations, as appropriate. 

Laser Electrical Toowoomba provides:

  • Office Test & Tag
  • Construction Site Test & Tag
  • Domestic/Commercial Test & Tag
  • Workshop Test & Tag
  • Restaurant & Takeaway Test & Tag
  • Fitness Club Test & Tag

Laser Electrical Toowoomba also provides additional testing services including electrical safety inspections, automatic notifications of next safety inspections, electrical appliance testing and RCD testing.

Thermo Graphic Scanning

Infrared (IR) inspection is a powerful and non-invasive way to diagnose electrical equipment and plant faults. Laser Electrical Toowoomba will provide concise and user friendly reports as part of our thermo graphic inspection services.  This information is then used by the client to repair or rectify the potential fault on the equipment, thus ensuring production is not delayed or completely stopped.

Other uses of thermo imaging cameras include:

  • Detect missing or defective insulation.
  • Find air leaks and poor performing duct work.
  • Detect breach in hot water pipes and lagging.
  • Locate radiant floor heating faults.
  • Find moisture in the insulation, in roof and walls.
  • Identify energy saving opportunities .

Power Analysing

Laser Electrical Toowoomba is able to assess your power on complete installation or individual equipment, record and map conditions such as voltage, current true power, apparent power and power factor. Information such as these can provide energy saving outcomes involving time of use, solar, power factor correction and power filtering.

Cable Locating

Laser Electrical Toowoomba can locate and identify exact locations and depth of services underground safely minimising the risk of disruptions to operations and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Safety Switches (RCD) Testing

Protect your home and family by getting experienced professionals to provide safety switch installation. 

Unlike surge protection that purely protects the appliance, these switches cut off electricity and prevent injury from faulty appliances or wiring.  Due to legal requirements, owners must place switches in their properties.  This low cost addition to your home will add peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to minimise the risk of electrical shock. Contact Laser Electrical Toowoomba today to organise an installation. With experienced tradesmen and competitive pricing, we are the best choice for all your electrical safety needs.


If you would like to save money on your power bills, make a contribution to a healthier environment, operate as a greener business or add value to your home, Laser Electrical Toowoomba can help.  We provide supply and installation of high-quality solar products and have a range of solutions that set us apart from other solar companies in Australia.  Committed to your success, we provide you with a complete end to end solar solution, guiding you through your requirements and providing you advice, information and tips on your chosen products. Laser Electrical Toowoomba can design and install a system from 1.5 to 100 kilowatts.