Need floor heating for your home?  Laser Electrical Toowoomba can help!  We provide design and installation of electric floor heating, servicing the Darling Downs region including Toowoomba, Dalby, Crows Nest, Gatton and Warwick.

No other heating system provides the all-round benefits of floor heating.  It is efficient to install and run.  It is generally maintenance free as it doesn’t require cleaning or replacement of filters.  Floor heating is also absolutely silent while its invisibility creates total freedom of décor and furniture layout.

Floor heating is also versatile.  It can be incorporated into almost any building project, new or existing, private or commercial.  There are floor heating systems perfect for carpeted, tiled and polished concrete floors and many timber floors.

A warm floor is a great feature for any home and can provide a more pleasant environment for both tiled and carpeted areas. It is silent, low maintenance and you have the ability for precise temperature regulation for individual rooms as well as daily or seasonal timers.

Laser Electrical Toowoomba specialises in under-tile heating which is designed for existing homes with either cement or timbers floors where the heating is provided by in-screed cables. This type of heating is also known as ‘demand heating’.  With floor heating installed, you can enjoy the stylish and modern look of tiled, granite and hardwood floors without getting cold.

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