Are you tired of working with unprofessional tradesmen? You can depend on Laser Electrical Toowoomba!

Laser Electrical Toowoomba are your 'Totally Dependable' commercial electricians, providing a wide range of commercial electrical services across the Darling Downs region including Toowoomba, Dalby, Crows Nest, Gatton and Warwick.  We offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability, including on-line job management and reporting.

Our highly experienced electricians ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. This means your team can operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

Our commercial services include:

Using our unique Laser systems, we ensure that the electrical management of your commercial project is headache free. We coordinate technicians, provide electrical efficiency audits, carry out your installation and ensure all administration is handled promptly and professionally.

We are committed to a high standard of health and safety and believe all accidents are preventable. We ensure our contractors are up-to-date with current health & safety practices and do our best to ensure that all sites are safe before proceeding with any work.

Whether it is new installations or designing a solution, contact Laser Electrical Toowoomba for 'Totally Dependable' electrical services.

New Construction

Laser Electrical Toowoomba has over 30 years experience in the commercial and construction industry, providing tailored solutions for our clients' unique requirements.  We can help you achieve your desired results with our innovative, versatile and energy efficient solutions.  We only use the best materials sourced from leading suppliers to ensure that you get the highest quality end product while our also providing value for your money.  Laser Electrical Toowoomba has the expertise to assist in contemporary, traditional and modern designs in construction.


Laser Electrical Toowoomba provides electrical services for shop refurbishment and fit outs.  All aspects of the fit out electrical systems can be designed and installed including lighting control, audio systems and digital display screens. If you have an existing retail space we can assist with additional lighting, power and data installations, redesign and improvement of the lighting installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and service.

Lighting Design

Whether your lighting design requires architecturally creative post tops or bollards, roadway systems, energy efficiency T5 fluorescent lights, professional stadium floodlighting, high performance high bay and commercial products, technically demanding emergency systems, robust weatherproof fluorescent and bulkheads or innovative down light creations, Laser Electrical Toowoomba has the solution for you.  We provide lighting design services as well as installation of a range of elegant switching and lighting.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Laser Electrical Toowoomba can design, install and maintain exit and emergency lighting for new and existing installations in all types of facilities and buildings.  We also provide routine inspection, repairs, log book entries and switchboard test facilities.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed.  The ideal power factor is unity or one.  Anything less than one or less than 100% efficiency means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand.

Laser Electrical Toowoomba can measure your power factor and offer a solution with the following benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Reduced electrical bills.
  • Improved electrical energy efficiency.

Solar Panels - Solar Installation

If you would like to save money on your power bills, make a contribution to a healthier environment, operate as a greener business or add value to your home, Laser Electrical Toowoomba can help.  We provide supply and installation of high-quality solar products and have a range of solutions that set us apart from other solar companies in Australia.  Committed to your success, we provide you with a complete end to end solar solution, guiding you through your requirements and providing you advice, information and tips on your chosen products. Laser Electrical Toowoomba can design and install a system from 1.5 to 100 kilowatts.

Surge & Lighting Protection

A surge diverter does exactly as it says.  It will divert excess voltages from an electrical surge to earth.  It measures the volts coming in and once it gets above a set amount (approximately 270 volts), it will divert the excess volts away to earth.  It is also installed on your main switchboard, thereby protecting all circuits including power points.  Laser Electrical Toowoomba provides installation of surge and lighting protection, making sure your premises are safe from any excess voltage.

Data & Communication

If you need voice and data cabling in your home or business, don't hesitate to contact Laser Electrical Toowoomba. Our data cable installations will be carried out by our trained technicians who are kept trained and up to date with the latest technology.  Your installation will also be tested with the latest equipment to ensure your data speed is at its best.

Audio Visual

Whether you need surround sound wiring for one room or a distributed audio visual solution for your business, Laser Electrical Toowoomba can design, specify and install an audio-visual solution to suit every budget. Laser Electrical Toowoomba has access to a wide range of quality products and our team of experienced installers will provide you with the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Thermo Graphic Scanning

Infrared (IR) inspection is a powerful and non-invasive way to diagnose electrical equipment and plant faults. Laser Electrical Toowoomba will provide concise and user friendly reports as part of our thermo graphic inspection services.  This information is then used by the client to repair or rectify the potential fault on the equipment, thus ensuring production is not delayed or completely stopped.

Other uses of thermo imaging cameras include:

  • Detect missing or defective insulation.
  • Find air leaks and poor performing duct work.
  • Detect breach in hot water pipes and lagging.
  • Locate radiant floor heating faults.
  • Find moisture in the insulation, in roof and walls.
  • Identify energy saving opportunities.

Testing & Tagging

All portable electrical equipment used in a workplace must be regularly inspected and tested in accordance with the OSH regulations, as appropriate. 

Laser Electrical Toowoomba provides:

  • Office Test & Tag
  • Construction Site Test & Tag
  • Domestic/Commercial Test & Tag
  • Workshop Test & Tag
  • Restaurant & Takeaway Test & Tag
  • Fitness Club Test & Tag

TV Cabling

Other than free to air TV, Laser Electrical Toowoomba can provide cabling for pay TV and a range of alternative cabling systems to reticulate your AV signal. CAT5, CAT6, RCA, RGB, VGA, S. Video, RG6, RG59, RG11 are all capable of supporting AV signals in one form or another.  We can also include your security cameras as a channel on your TV, so that you can easily monitor your business premises.